What if we GUARANTEE that we can help YOU sail faster?

Well, firstly, how much would you like to sail faster? How much time, money and effort do you ALREADY spend in the pursuit of superior speed around the race course?

It doesn't matter what level we're at, whether you're still learning the ropes at club level, or you have the glint of an Olympic medal in your sights (and some of our Sailjuice Pro members do, by the way!)....

...every hour and dollar, pound or peso we spend on our sport and our boat will have a greater or lesser effect on our results on the water. Some experiments work, some don't.

What about that new sail that you buy?

It might cost a few hundred, maybe even a few thousand quid, but is it guaranteed to make you go faster?

How many brand new sails, tested just once, will an Olympic campaigner invest (or waste) in pursuit of that last, vital click of boatspeed?

Same with a new mast, even a new hull.

The price of the last 1/100 of boatspeed can be a costly pursuit indeed.

And this stuff wears out! What you put in your head, experience, hard-learned lessons, knowledge gleaned from conversations, books, websites, THAT stuff stays with you FOR THE REST OF YOUR SAILING DAYS.

Sailjuice Pro membership gives you immediate access to racing tips and advice from some of the best sailors in the world.

Every week we chat with Olympic medallists, World Champions, America's Cup veterans and many other top-notch sailors.

We take that knowledge and experience, boil it down to the essentials, and pass it on to sailors so you can quickly start seeing results in YOUR sailing.

You are moments away from accessing all the articles, interviews, MP3 audios and other great stuff to get you sailing faster. If you race any boat from an Optimist up to a TP52 or even a Maxi yacht, there is a resource of hard-won knowledge in Sailjuice Pro (that we've lovingly built up since 2009) that will help take your sailing to the next level.

It won't cost you the price of a new sail, and the knowledge gained will last infinitely longer.

The Sailjuice 28 Day Guarantee

We're confident that Sailjuice Pro can get you sailing faster round the track and winning more races.

However, sailing is a huge, diverse sport.

We understand that this membership might not be suited to every kind of sailor.

For that reason, we offer you the following guarantee:

If in the first 4 weeks of joining Sailjuice Pro... Your sailing knowledge and understanding hasn't significantly increased... You don't feel that your skills in the boat have improved... Or you find that Sailjuice Pro simply isn't for you...

Just send us an email and we’ll refund your money in full. No questions asked.

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We're here to help you win...


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