Podcast: Paul Goodison's hat trick of Moth Worlds victories

Paul Goodison has become only the second person in the long history of the International Moth class to win the World Championship three times in a row. Sailjuice managed to catch up with Paul on his mobile phone as he was jet-setting his way to a J70 competition in Italy. Paul is the first to achieve the Moth hat trick in the foiling era after he dominated the competition in Bermuda this year. With the next America’s Cup set to take place in 75ft foiling monohulls, it’s no surprise to learn that Paul’s been signed up to one of the teams, although who that might be he’s not saying quite yet. Anyway, he had plenty to say on other subjects, including a little wind-up of his old Laser rival Tom Slingsby....



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 Paul Goodison wins Bermuda

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